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From the ATD Tulsa Chapter President - Suni Hertt

Fellow ATD Tulsa Chapter Members,

It is my pleasure to announce that the following nominations have been received and certified by the Elections Committee as meeting the qualifications set forth in our chapter Bylaws.

Kim Boggs for President-Elect 2022

Andrew Engelbrecht for President-Elect 2023

Scott Dixon for Vice President of Accommodations

Cecilia Martin-Smith for Vice President of Communications

Jennifer Roberson for Vice President of Finance

    We have all the required documentation from each nominee.

    I can confirm that each nominee is a member-in-good-standing of the ATD Tulsa Chapter.

    Get to know the nominees:

    Image of Kim Boggs

    Kim Boggs has been an ATD Tulsa Power Member for more than 5 years. Kim has more than 20 years of experience in the talent development field. She works as the Senior Learning and Development Specialist for NORDAM. She has served on the ATD Tulsa Board as VP of Membership in 2021 and 2022, and as VP of Communications in 2019. Kim is nominated for President-Elect for 2022 (to serve as President in 2023).

    What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? The greatest benefits are friends and connections in the learning & development industry. Networking with others in the field to find jobs and get ideas.

    What are your talent development Areas of Expertise?  eLearning, facilitation, instructional design and delivery.

    What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? Networking, discounts, training ideas, and research abilities.

    What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? Learning & Development, Instructional Design.

    How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? I have been the VP of membership for the past 2 years and enjoy meeting and encouraging new potential members to join our organization. I would love to continue serving the chapter in 2023.

    Andrew Engelbrecht has been an ATD Tulsa member for 8 years. He is a consultant, owner and Chief Conversationalist of Facing West Enterprises. He has not previously served on the ATD Tulsa Board of Directors. He has more than 20 year’s experience in the field of talent development. Andrew is nominated for President-Elect for 2023 (to serve as President in 2024).

    What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? Meeting and networking with fellow professionals, exchanging ideas, learning about industry trends and best practices, and continuing my professional development.

    What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? Communication, Collaboration and Leadership, Training Delivery and Facilitation, Instructional Design, Organization Development and Culture, Talent Strategy and Management.

    What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? Trainer/Facilitator in multiple industries; own my own consulting business; consultant with two local consulting companies; Regional Manager, Organization & Talent Development with Whataburger.

    How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? I believe my most significant contributions as a chapter leader will come from my wealth of professional experience and my strong spirit of collaboration and inclusion. I was first certified as a ropes course facilitator in 1991 and discovered over the next few years that I not only loved the work, but I had a passion and gift for helping people better understand themselves and the people they work with to create environments where people wanted to bring their best every day. In this spirit, as President-Elect, I would facilitate conversations with our leaders and members to continue actively seeking and creating the best professional development opportunities and programs that engage our members and grow our chapter. 

    My professional talent development experience ranges from non-profits and higher education, consulting on my own and for other companies, and developing current and future leaders for Whataburger. I am currently contracting as the Training Lead for a company in Boston, MA, organizing and administrating training programs for the Dept. of Family and Medical Leave (DFML) of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. This extensive experience has helped me hone multiple skillsets; enhance my ability to work on and with cross-functional teams and connect with people at all levels of business; and develop the attention to detail, critical thinking skills, and strategic business acumen necessary to obtain the proper outcomes using the right processes and procedures.

    My previous board experience includes serving as Treasurer/Finance Committee Chair for two years on the Agency for Dwight Mission and leading the Camping Services volunteer board when I was with the YMCA of Greater Tulsa, so I understand how boards function and the importance of each position’s role and responsibilities. I also served on the 2021 ATD State Conference planning committee, which helped me better understand our chapter’s need for more involvement from all our members and their companies, especially in these ever-changing times when the focus is squarely on talent attraction, development, and retention.

    I am confident that my ability to build relationships and positively influence people combined with the breadth of my knowledge, skills, abilities, and experience gained across numerous industries and enterprises positions me to succeed as President-Elect. I look forward to serving ATD Tulsa’s members and member organizations for the next several years.

      Image of Scott Dixon

      Scott Dixon has been an ATD Tulsa member since 2019, and a Power Member since January 2022. He is the Manager for Leadership, Professional Skills, and Operations Academy for the Global Learning team at Encore. He has not previously served on the ATD Tulsa Board of Directors. Scott is nominated for VP of Accommodations.

      What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? While I have not had an opportunity to join local events due to my workload, I am making it a priority moving forward (and encourage by my leader).

      What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? I oversee leadership, professional skills, and operations training for Encore, an audiovisual production company that offices inside of 2000+ hotels and convention centers.  

      What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? I’ve gained insights on adult learning, joined different leadership webinars, and read lots and lots of articles.

      What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? I’ve only been in the field since 2019 but trained and developed team members in different roles and coaching since high school.  

      How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? I am applying for the VP of Accommodations. I believe my expertise in working in the hospitality industry will help ATD of Tulsa with accommodations for both events and hotel stays. I’ve worked in the local industry since 2009. I know most of the hotel team members and our company does all the audiovisual services for the a few of the local hotels in Tulsa.  

      Image of Cecilia Martin-Smith

      Cecilia Martin-Smith has been an ATD Tulsa Power Member since 2014. She is the Training Manager for CAP Tulsa. She has 15 years' experience in the Talent Development field. She has not previously served on the ATD Tulsa Board of Directors Cecilia is nominated for VP of Communications

      What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? Knowledge, best-practices, new ideas, and professional connections.

      What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? Training, coaching, data/LMS administration, and content development.

      What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? TD Magazine, white papers, latest research, best-practices, and conferences.

      What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? Training Coordinator, Training Specialist, and LMS Administrator.

      How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? Hello, ATD Tulsa! My name is Cecilia (Ceci) Martin-Smith. I am a Training Manager at CAP Tulsa, an anti-poverty non-profit. I have worked in training and talent development in some shape or form for 15 years including as an instructional designer, training specialist, and LMS administrator. I have been a Power Member of ATD since 2014. I respectfully ask for your vote for the Vice President of Communications.

      The last few years have presented a series of ups and downs for everyone. In the world of training and talent development, we navigated scenarios we never imagined and came out with many lessons learned. The same goes for ATD Tulsa. For me, going from in-person to virtual meetings meant a loss of connection and professional camaraderie. However, “Zoom life” also offered new possibilities. We can host speakers from anywhere in the world and members (or potential new members!) can attend from anywhere. Having remote and in-person events invites flexibility. Virtual events open us to a wider audience. They offer an option to those with schedules that won’t fit the travel time to and from an in-person event, or who simply feel more comfortable attending remotely. From challenges come new possibilities!

      If elected as VP of Communications, I would look forward to the opportunity to welcome new members, re-connect with members who may have fallen away from activities during recent times, and continue to deliver innovative virtual connection options. I very much look forward to returning to more in-person events. As a person who leads Gold (Colors training, anyone?) I value duty and responsibility. In my personal and professional life, I prioritize communication and setting expectations, both of which are useful when communicating to members and sharing upcoming events.

      Most importantly, I wish to support the other members of the ATD Tulsa Board to grow our membership and offer valuable professional development and networking opportunities to members and guests. I am open to feedback and encourage input from the Board, members, and visiting training and talent development professionals to ensure that event communications meet and exceed expectations. Thank you for considering me for the position of VP of Communications. 

      Jennifer Roberson has been an ATD Tulsa Power Member for 2 years. She is the Senior Manager, Employee Engagement at CBIZ Stinnett. Jennifer has 8 years' experience in the talent development field. She currently serves on the ATD Tulsa Board as VP of Finance. Jennifer is nominated for Vice President of Finance.

      What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? Monthly meetings, recipient of an ATD Certificate Training, participation in the election committee in 2021, networking, and Board position.

      What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? Internal Audit Topics, Clifton StrengthsFinder, Organizational Culture, various leadership topics.  

      What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? Discounts on conferences, TD Magazine, and webinars.

      What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development?  Senior Manager, Talent and & Leadership Development at Stinnett & Associates.

      How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? I chose to self-nominate for VP of Finance early in 2022 due to my background in the field of Internal Audit. I have over 10 years of Internal Audit experience before I transitioned to lead the firm’s training and development efforts. I have been a Certified Internal Auditor since September 2010. I have also served on the Junior League Board as Treasurer-elect and Treasurer in 2010-2012, served as Sustaining Advisor on Finance Council in 2020-2021, and have currently served on their Endowment Board for over five years. Although, I’m not client facing at Stinnett anymore, I still teach our internal audit methods to all new hires and interns. I have only been able to sit in the VP of Finance role for a short period. In fact, July 2022 was only my fourth month to participate in creating the monthly financial statements.


      Sunilyn Hertt will serve as Past-President on the 2023 Board of Directors.

      The Elections Committee has reviewed all nominations to ensure eligibility and suitability for the board positions.

      If two or more candidates are running for the same board position, each will have an opportunity to give a two-minute presentation in-person or have his/her/their two-minute video played during the September 16, 2022 Program Meeting. To promote equal access for all chapter members, presentations will be recorded by ATD Tulsa and posted, along with videos shown, on the ATD Tulsa website following the meeting. NOTE: There are no contested races this year

      Elections will occur electronically (online) from Friday, September 16, 2022 until Friday, September 23, 2022 at 11:59 PM (8 days).

      Each currently paid (Member-in-Good-Standing) ATD Tulsa member will receive an email with a link to the online voting ballot.

      If you have questions, contact me by email at president@tdtulsa.org or by phone or text at 918-345-0373.


      Suni Hertt

      President, ATD Tulsa Chapter

      The Tulsa Chapter of the Association for Talent Development

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