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    Vision: Create a World that Works Better Mission: Empower Professionals to Develop Talent in the Workplace


From the ATD Tulsa Chapter President - Lewana Harris

Fellow ATD Tulsa Chapter Members,

It is my pleasure to announce that the following nominations have been received and certified by the Elections Committee as meeting the qualifications set forth in our chapter Bylaws.

Linda Jenkins for President-Elect (president in 2021)

Sunilyn Hertt for President-Elect (president in 2022)

Kim Boggs for Vice President of Membership

Rachel Wagner for Vice President of Administration

Walt Hansmann for Vice President of Programming

    We have all the required documentation from each nominee.

    I can confirm that each nominee is a member-in-good-standing of the ATD Tulsa Chapter.

    Get to know the nominees:

    Linda Jenkins Photo

    Linda Jenkins has been an ATD Tulsa member 9 1/2 years and has been a Power Member 5 1/2 years. Linda is a consultant for non-profit boards and owner of Jenkins Consulting Group. Linda has 12 years’ experience in the field of Talent Development. Linda is nominated for President-Elect for 2020 (to serve as President in 2021). She has served on the ATD Tulsa Board of Directors as an At-Large Director in 2015; VP of Programming in 2016; President-Elect and State Conference Chair in 2017; President in 2018; Past President in 2019; and VP of Finance in 2020.

    What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? Following are six benefits I identified -  

    1. Learned new training delivery techniques by participating in monthly program meetings.
    2. Opportunities to share my expertise with other members as a program presenter and as a board member.
    3. Expanded my network of colleagues and friends.
    4. Consulted with members as I expanded by consulting and training services to include unconscious bias workshops and navigated the transition from in-person to virtual training.
    5. Opportunities to mentor other members.
    6. Opportunity to share my board governance expertise and help the Chapter set and achieve its goals. 

    What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? Training Delivery and Facilitation and Cultural Awareness and Inclusion.

    What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? Following are four benefits:

    1. Attending ICE three times and having the opportunity to learn from and be inspired by industry leaders especially Bob Pike, Becky Pike Pluth and Sardek Love.
    2. Downloading a copy of “Mastering the Art of Feedback” and other resources to help me design and deliver a workshop on peer-to-peer feedback.
    3. Watching videos and downloading resources on unconscious bias to help me craft my disrupting unconscious bias workshops.
    4. Accessing numerous resources on training delivery techniques.
    What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? Most of the roles I’ve held during my 34-year professional career have included talent development responsibilities especially training volunteers to complete assessment processes and govern nonprofits effectively. Early in my career, I was a founder of the City of Long Beach, CA Women in Management program and Chair of the Mentor Program Committee. Talent development became my primary role when I opened my own business 12.5 years ago and focused on providing governance and leadership training and consultation for nonprofit leaders. I became a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer in 2015, the first year the certification was offered. I became a certified facilitator of Managing Unconscious Bias in the Workplace workshops in 2019.

      How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? As a BoardSource Certified Governance Trainer, one of my strongest areas of professional expertise is best practices for governance and leadership of nonprofit organizations. I have expertise in creating and administering board assessments; then using the assessment results to help boards craft and implement strategies to strengthen their governance practices. Also, I work one-on-one with executives and board members to help them strengthen their performance.

      As an ATD Tulsa board member, for the past 5.5 years, I have worked with fellow board members to craft and implement strategies to strengthen our governance practices. I served as board President in 2018. Through our collective efforts, in 2018, we were able to achieve chapter Super Star status for 2018 by completing all CARE (chapter affiliation requirements) elements and reaching over 50% Power (ATD + Chapter) Membership. In addition, ATD Tulsa was designated Chapter of the Month for April 2020. The Chapter of the Month honor was based upon the success of the Power Member acquisition and retention program established in 2018. 

      I would like to continue to help ATD Tulsa grow and develop as President in 2021. As President, I would focus on the following actions: 

      1. Ensuring completion of our ATD CARE (chapter affiliation requirements) and CARE Plus requirements.
      2. Board member training and development.
      3. Succession planning to develop future Chapter leaders.
      4. Executing a successful statewide conference in collaboration with Central Oklahoma Chapter-ATD.
      5. Membership outreach for input on programming and services.

      SSunilyn Herrt Photounilyn Hertt has been an ATD Tulsa Power Member for three years. Suni works for Tulsa County as a Training and Information Specialist, with 15 years’ experience in the field of Talent Development. She is nominated for President-Elect for 2021 (to serve as President in 2022). She serves as the 2020 VP of Accommodations.

      What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? Joining the ATD Tulsa chapter has been such a positive experience. I have had so many opportunities to network with other training professionals in the area and continue my growth personally and professionally. My experiences with the Board members and the Chapter members have all been very positive and I have felt very supported during the time I have participated with the Tulsa Chapter. The largest benefit of being an ATD Tulsa Chapter member is having so much access to reading materials, training courses and to the top Learning and Development professionals.

      What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? I have developed training content focused on topics such as compliance, safety, a variety of soft skills and leadership skills for instructor led training courses. I have also planned and managed the oversite of several large and small training events throughout my career.

      What benefits have you received from being a Power Member?  I have received recognition by the ATD Tulsa Chapter, which is always nice. I have enjoyed all the resources and training opportunities that I receive via the ATD website and printed magazine

      What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? Education Coordinator, Developmental Center of the Ozarks - As the Coordinator, my major tasks included ensuring employees maintained their 12 hours of training a year, conducted orientation for new employees, and provided hands-on behavior modification training for all caregivers/teachers.
      Training and Curriculum Specialist, DOD - As the Training and Curriculum Specialist, my main focus was to ensure all caregiving/teaching staff completed their Induvial Development Plan throughout their employment. I also assisted with accreditation for the educational program and supported employees with their professional certifications.

      Training Specialist, Tulsa County - As the Training Specialist, I schedule all training and wellness events for all eight elected officials; market and educate our employees about training and events (really convince them why they need to attend); and develop and conduct New Employee Orientation for our new employees. Also, I was elected by my fellow employees to represent them on the Tulsa County Retirement Board

      How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? During my time serving on the ATD Tulsa Chapter Board as the VP of Accommodations, I have had the opportunity to assist my fellow board members in various ways due to the current pandemic. I have had to pivot to fill in any gaps or aid that was needed to support our monthly virtual programs. It has been every exciting to assist with training topic ideas and connecting with the training professionals that have provided their expertise for our monthly training sessions.

      I would like the opportunity to continue developing my skills and knowledge as a talent development professional while supporting and growing our local ATD Chapter as the President-Elect 2022.

      Kim Boggs PhotoKim Boggs was an ATD Tulsa member from 2000 to 2008, rejoined in 2017, and is a Power Member. Kim works for Matrix Service Company as Training & Development Specialist, with 31 years’ experience in the field of Talent Development. She is nominated for Vice President of Membership. Kim has served on the board as newsletter publisher and most recently as VP of Marketing in 2019.

      What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? Networking, leadership skills, training and development skills, and close friendships.

      What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? Curriculum design/development; training and development; leadership development; coaching; mentoring; professional development. 

      What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? Discounts on materials, conferences, special privileges and opportunities.

      What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? Training & Development, trainer, facilitator, leadership coaching, change management specialist, T&D Manager.

      How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? I am a very outgoing person and love meeting people. I have a passion for learning and development and the Tulsa T&D chapter. My skills and experience in the T&D industry will help me represent the Tulsa chapter well and attract members to join our chapter. My skills in leadership, training, coaching, mentoring, will help the chapter become stronger and draw people to us.

      Rachel Wagner Photo

      Rachel Wagner has been an ATD Tulsa member for 14 years. She is self-employed – Principal consultant/trainer/speaker at Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol. Rachel has served on the National Speakers Association Oklahoma Board of Directors. She has not served on the ATD Tulsa Board previously. Rachel is nominated for VP of Administration.

      What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership?  Professional development & professional friendships are the top 2.

      What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? Business etiquette consulting and training across all industries.  

      What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? I am looking forward to enjoying the benefits of Power Membership.

      What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development?  Contracted business etiquette speaker/trainer for a variety of industries, large and small, in Oklahoma and around the country

      How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership?  First, a bit of background…

      ATD has been a part of my professional life since I began my business etiquette firm, Rachel Wagner Etiquette and Protocol, in 2007. When I received my licensing and training at the Protocol School of Washington (PSOW) in Washington, D.C. in 2006, ATD (or ASTD as it was known then) was THE professional organization that the PSOW recommended to us newly licensed corporate etiquette consultants.

       I began attending and became a member of the Tulsa chapter one year before my business was really off the ground. About that same time I was newly relocated to Tulsa from Wisconsin, so I welcomed the many, many ATD professionals who reached out to me during those early years as I established myself in the Tulsa metro area as a licensed business etiquette speaker and trainer.

      Since I joined ATD in 2006 and through the current time, I’ve had a chance to observe a variety of leadership styles and meeting programs. While all the program content hasn’t always been relevant to me as a subject matter trainer and speaker (versus those who do inhouse training), I’ve remained committed to the organization because I enjoy and appreciate the opportunity to continue to learn about the training and development components that are relevant to me, and I have always appreciated the professional connections to others in the community, some of which have become clients.

      So, how might I contribute to the ATD Tulsa chapter?

      • I bring the perspective of a seasoned member (14 years Tulsa chapter membership)
      • I bring organizational and speaking/leadership skills (I was a classroom teacher for many years before segueing into the business etiquette industry.)
      • I enjoy people and connecting people.
      • My DISC results show that I’m good with “collaboration, support, enthusiasm and accuracy”
      • My Birkman Signature Assessment report indicates that I’m “direct but friendly and diplomatic, energetic and objective, offer an environment of trust, and that two of my “top interests” are “administrative…which includes systems, order and reliability” as well as “social service, which includes helping, advocating for others, teaching and volunteering.”
      • In my etiquette business, I work with a broad range of individuals, from young professionals to CEOs from many industries. This has given me a perspective of how each demographic likes to learn and engage with others in training events.
      • I believe it’s my “season” to help “give back” to ATD. Over the years as I have continued to wear the “many hats” of my business to grow and development the business, there has not been extra time to invest in board involvements other than several years on the National Speakers Association-OK board. Also, during many of those years I had to put several long pauses on my business (for months and even years) to provide caregiving for my father and other family members during their long-term health challenges. Therefore, it just wasn’t possible to add on board responsibilities as much as I desired to. But, this is a year I believe I can bring my experience and skills to the ATD-Tulsa table!

      Walt Hansmann Photo

      Walt Hansmann has been an ATD Tulsa Power Member since 1985. He has more than 35 years' experience in the training and development field. Walt earned the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) formerly known as the CPLP, in 2009, and has maintained his certification for more than a decade. He is self-employed as a Training and Development Consultant and Contract Trainer. He has served as VP Membership 2009-2011; VP Finance 2012; VP Marketing 2013; VP Administration 2014-2017; President-Elect 2018; President 2019; Past President 2020. Walt is nominated for the VP of Programming.

      What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? I have benefitted from the skills and experiences shared by ATD Tulsa members and presenters. My network of ATD Tulsa friends and mentors have been invaluable through the years

      What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? While I am well versed in each of the capabilities, my recent focus has been on Instructional Design, Training Delivery & Facilitation, Consulting & Business Partnering, Performance Improvement, and Communication.

      What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? This sheet is not long enough to list everything. Being among the first Tulsa group to study for the CPLP, and earn the certification, was an eye-opening experience. Chapter members came together to create our own study materials and coach each other. Through the process, I reinforced what I knew, and learned what I did not know about learning and development. Every interaction with ATD courses, books, materials, and webinars has helped me increase my knowledge and improve my skills. Attending five International Conferences, and co-facilitating at ICE; and attending ALC and facilitating at seven ALCs has helped me build a global network of trainers with whom I can share ideas and learn.   

      What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? Classroom facilitator, virtual instructor-led trainer, instructional designer, training manager, training director, LMS administrator, eLearning designer, safety and compliance trainer, and training and development consultant. 

      How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? I bring a wealth of historical perspective to the chapter. I have helped lead the following initiatives to improve the chapter:

      • incorporate in the State of Oklahoma;
      • secure and maintain Director’s & Officer’s Insurance as well as General Liability Insurance;
      • secure and maintain the chapter P.O. Box;
      • completely rewrite the Chapter Bylaws;
      • create chapter Policies and Procedures;
      • migration to a new web hosting platform;
      • rebranding the Northeast Oklahoma Chapter of ASTD to ATD Tulsa Chapter, Inc.;
      • secure and maintain chapter domain email for each member of the Board of Directors;
      • creating a standing Bylaws and Policies Committee;
      • and transition to electronic voting for elections and Bylaw Amendments to re-enfranchise members who might not have been able to attend the former in-person voting process.

      Leveraging that experience, I plan to work on two more initiatives:

      1. a new member orientation;
      2. a three-year strategic plan that each subsequent board can update.

      Finally, I will continue to “download” my knowledge to chapter leaders and members to facilitate future successes. I plan to build upon the programming the chapter has had in the past, and using the new ATD Capability Model, focus on the needs listed by our members in the annual member surveys and in the monthly program surveys.


      The Elections Committee has reviewed all nominations to ensure eligibility and suitability for the board positions.

      If two or more candidates are running for the same board position, each will have an opportunity to give a two-minute presentation in-person or have his/her two-minute video played during the August 21, 2020 Program Meeting. To promote equal access for all chapter members, presentations will be recorded by ATD Tulsa and posted, along with videos shown, on the ATD Tulsa website following the meeting. NOTE: There are no contested races this year

      Elections will occur electronically (online) from Friday, August 21, 2020, until Friday, August 28, 2020, at 11:59 PM (8 days).

      Each currently paid (Member-in-Good-Standing) ATD Tulsa member will receive an email with a link to the online voting ballot.

      If you have questions, contact Lewana Harris, President, by email at president@tdtulsa.org or by phone or text at 918-951-3107.


      Lewana Harris

      President, ATD Tulsa Chapter

      The Tulsa Chapter of the Association for Talent Development

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