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From the ATD Tulsa Chapter President - Linda Jenkins

Fellow ATD Tulsa Chapter Members,

It is my pleasure to announce that the following nominations have been received and certified by the Elections Committee as meeting the qualifications set forth in our chapter Bylaws.

Andrea Gentis for Vice President of Marketing

Kim Boggs for Vice President of Membership

Walt Hansmann for Vice President of Programming

    We have all the required documentation from each nominee.

    I can confirm that each nominee is a member-in-good-standing of the ATD Tulsa Chapter.

    Get to know the nominees:

    Andrea Gentis Photo

    Andrea Gentis has been an ATD Tulsa Power Member for 14 months. Andrea has 18 years of experience in the talent development field. She works as the L&D Coordinator at Mid-Continent Group.  She has not served on the ATD Tulsa Board previously. Andrea is nominated for VP of Marketing.

    What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership?  The ability to connect with and learn from local TD professionals in monthly program and social events. Prior to joining ATD Tulsa, I knew some of the local TD professionals, but I had not gotten a chance to interact with them on the far more meaningful level that I have experienced through the chapter events. Participating in the ATDOK21 state conference planning committee has further developed my relationships with fellow chapter members.

    What are your talent development Areas of Expertise?  Instructional design, eLearning development, ILT/VILT workshop facilitation, and LMS implementation/administration

    What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? The ability to: stay current with ever-evolving TD standards, trends, and information through the many resources provided at td.org; connect with other ATD local chapters through virtual events; utilize the capability model to assess my knowledge base and better prepare for the CPTD certification exam; and many others!

    What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development?   Instructional Designer; Learning Developer; L&D Coordinator

    How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership?  I would hope to bring a fresh perspective to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership with ideas as to how we can expand both our membership base and our partnerships with other local ATD chapters and members. I feel that we have some opportunities for growth in both areas and that we can use the current virtual meeting environment to our advantage, such as hosting a virtual “Open House” for prospective members.

    I think hosting a virtual “New Member Orientation” every quarter could be very beneficial to ensure that new members not only get the most out of their local membership, but also that they start forming relationships with current members early that will give them more reasons to get active and stay engaged.

    Additionally, I would like to explore building partnerships with out-of-state ATD chapters, just as we have during our work on the state conference planning committee.

    Kim Boggs Photo

    Kim Boggs was an ATD Tulsa member from 2000 to 2008, rejoined in 2017, and is a Power Member. Kim works for Gateway First Bank as a Learning & Development Specialist, with 25 years’ experience in the field of talent development. Kim has served on the board as newsletter publisher, VP of Marketing in 2019 and VP of Membership in 2021. Kim is nominated for VP of Membership.

    What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership?  Knowledge, networking, lasting friendships, plus discounts on programs, books and events

    What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? Training and Instructional Design, Leadership Training

    What benefits have you received from being a Power Member? Knowledge, networking, lasting friendships, plus discounts on programs, books and events

    What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? Learning & Development, Instructional Design

    How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership? I have a passion for learning and development, and I have enjoyed being a part of the ATD Tulsa board. I am currently serving as VP of Membership and would love to continue in this role. I enjoy giving back to my community and look forward to boosting our membership even more in 2022.

      Walt Hansmann Photo

      Walt Hansmann has been an ATD Tulsa Power Member since 1985. He has 40 years' experience in the training and development field. Walt earned the Certified Professional in Talent Development (CPTD) formerly known as the CPLP, in 2009, and has maintained his certification for more than a decade. He is self-employed as a Training and Development Consultant and Contract Trainer. He has served as VP Membership 2009-2011; VP Finance 2012; VP Marketing 2013; VP Administration 2014-2017; President-Elect 2018; President 2019; Past President 2020; and VP of Programming 2021. Walt is nominated for VP of Programming.

      What benefits have you received from your ATD Tulsa membership? I have benefitted from the skills and experiences shared by ATD Tulsa members and presenters. My network of ATD Tulsa friends and mentors have been invaluable through the years

      What are your talent development Areas of Expertise? Instructional Design, Training Facilitation, Knowledge Management

      What benefits have you received from being a Power Member?  The opportunity to network with thought leaders from around the globe, attend hundreds of workshops, used discounts on products from ATD, and discounts on event registrations, locate dozens of resources to help me do my job and study for and obtain and maintain my Certified Professional in Talent Development.

      What professional roles have you held in the field of Talent Development? Trainer, training manager, training director, training and development consultant, instructional designer, video producer, eLearning designer

      How will you contribute to ATD Tulsa chapter leadership?  I will secure the best talent available to present programs for ATD Tulsa. I will offer my experience and expertise to fellow board members to help prepare and guide them as the future leadership of the chapter.


      The Elections Committee has reviewed all nominations to ensure eligibility and suitability for the board positions.

      If two or more candidates are running for the same board position, each will have an opportunity to give a two-minute presentation in-person or have his/her two-minute video played during the September 17, 2021 Program Meeting. To promote equal access for all chapter members, presentations will be recorded by ATD Tulsa and posted, along with videos shown, on the ATD Tulsa website following the meeting. NOTE: There are no contested races this year

      Elections will occur electronically (online) from Friday, September 17, 2021 until Friday, September 24, 2021 at 11:59 PM (8 days).

      Each currently paid (Member-in-Good-Standing) ATD Tulsa member will receive an email with a link to the online voting ballot.

      If you have questions, contact me by email at president@tdtulsa.org or by phone or text at 918-808-6935.


      Linda Jenkins

      President, ATD Tulsa Chapter

      The Tulsa Chapter of the Association for Talent Development

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