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    Vision: Create a World that Works Better Mission: Empower Professionals to Develop Talent in the Workplace


Do you have experience and expertise that could benefit your colleagues? Why not share them—and get recognition from your colleagues—as a presenter at an ATD local chapter meeting? For 2022, the ATD Tulsa Chapter Board has pre-determined monthly program topics based on member feedback and the updated ATD Talent Development Capability Model and will be seeking qualified subject-matter-experts to address these pre-determined topics. We are seeking presenters to cover the following topics, as they relate to trainers:

  • Managing Change
  • Converting Classroom Curriculum to Virtual Curriculum
  • Data and Analytics - Big Data
  • Training Delivery
  • Evaluating Training Effectiveness
  • Project Management 

Have questions that you don't see answered here? Contact Walt Hansmann, CPTD, DTM, programming@tdtulsa.org or 918-938-4485.


The Workshop Proposal Form

The Workshop Proposal Information Sheet 

Presenter Agreement 

Call for Speakers for 2022 (As of 5/21/2021)

Here are the 2021 dates for which topics have been determined. We are now seeking speakers for 2022:

January 29, 2021 - State of the Industry (completed)
February 19, 2021 Create Level 2 Quizzes & Tests That Actually Measure Something, Ken Phillips, CPTD (completed)
March 19, 2021The Power of Performance Feedback, Amber Vanderburg (completed)
April 23, 2021Results Through Relationship Intelligence with Strength Deployment Inventory 2.0, Michael Brown and Kyle Menig (completed)
May 21, 2021Tips and Tricks for Training in Zoom (completed)
June 18, 2021 - Copyright Law for Learning Professionals: Shedding Some Light, Barbara Ingrassia (completed)
July 16, 2021The Skillset Economy: Leveraging Learning & Development Strategy to Win the Battle for Talent, Jon Tota (completed)
August 20, 20217 Simple Rules For Making Slides That Make Sense, Wendy Gates Corbett, MS, CPTD  (completed)
September 17, 2021All Leadership is Change Leadership: Effective Change Management Strategies in Our New Normal, Kimara Mayberry
October 28, 2021 - ATD OKLAHOMA STATEWIDE CONFERENCE: Accessibility By Design Integrating Accessibility Principles Into Your Talent Development Strategies
November 19, 2021 - Insights and Tips from the ATD International Conference (ICE)
December 10, 2021Annual Trainer Throwdown - Seeking up to 6 participants or teams
January 21, 2022 - State of the Industry
February 18, 2022Going Solo? Realities and Rewards of Consulting, Elaine Biech and Halelly Azulay
March 18, 2022Staying on the Path to Make Training Stick, Dr. Tammy Means
April 15, 2022

**Due to the disruption from the pandemic and subsequent closures, we're also seeking speakers and topics for virtual events for our members. Please feel free to submit topics not listed above if you're especially interested in doing a virtual special event session with a training topic for our membership.**


Monthly chapter programs are typically scheduled for the third Friday of each month and the usual in-person location is the OSU-Tulsa BS Roberts Room, 700 N Greenwood Ave, Tulsa, OK 74106. During the current pandemic, events will be virtual until further notice. In 2021, the dates and locations may vary for some meetings to better accommodate members and guests who can't make it to the normal meeting times and locations. Speakers need to plan on being available and on-site (online) from 11:30 a.m. - 1:10 p.m. with about an hour of content prepared. 



The purpose of this Request for Proposals (RFP) is to solicit proposals for one-hour workshop presenters at the ATD Tulsa Monthly Program Meetings. Workshop speakers must be willing to provide their services pro bono publico (without expectation of payment) for the good of developing talent development professionals and in support of the goals and objectives of ATD Tulsa. Presenters selected through this proposal process can expect exposure to program meeting attendees and are encouraged to attend program meeting activities, including meals, free of charge.


ATD Tulsa expects 35 to 70 attendees at each in-person meeting, the majority of whom will include, but not be limited to training, workplace learning, human performance improvement, human resource, and organizational development professionals; including practitioners, managers, consultants, and executives. Virtual meetings have 20-40 attendees. The atmosphere will be one of fun and learning in a business casual environment, with numerous opportunities for professional development and networking.

All qualified persons are encouraged to submit proposals. ATD Tulsa does not discriminate against individuals based on race, creed, national origin, gender, physical or mental ability, color, or sexual orientation.


Please address questions about this RFP to programming@tdtulsa.org and CC president@tdtulsa.org.  


Educational opportunities for - talent development managers, trainers, instructional designers, performance consultants, frontline managers, and workplace learning professionals - that advance ATD’s mission to “empower professionals to develop talent in the workplace”. In 2021, in an effort to better address requested topics by our membership, the ATD Tulsa board has pre-determined topics for 2021 programming. All of these topics reflect member requests and ATD's Talent Development Capability Model. Check out ATD's Talent Development Capability Model here. 


  1. Complimentary meeting registration if your proposal is accepted. For in-person lunchtime events, we include meal(s) for the speaker(s).   (Expenses will not be reimbursed.)
  2. Contribution to your industry and profession.
  3. Network with peers and industry professionals.
  4. Valuable professional exposure.
  5. For in-person events, state of the art conference room with computer, LCD projectors, screens, and microphones (Available at most meetings, dependent on location. If you have backup equipment like a laptop or flash-drive containing your proposal, please plan bring it along).
  6. A copy of your workshop evaluations or one may be provided for you by ATD Tulsa. 


  1. Conduct a 60-minute interactive workshop that engages the audience with appropriate time allowed for questions and answers. No workshop will be allowed more than 60 minutes.  Time will be called by the VP - Programs if the presentation exceeds such time. 
  2. Contribute all services in a pro bono publico (volunteer) capacity.
  3. Meet all deadlines.
  4. No change to the workshop topic, title, description, or objectives as originally submitted without written permission from the VP - Programs.
  5. No change to the identity of the speaker(s) without written permission from the VP - Programs.
  6. Provide the workshop materials electronically in PDF format by 5 pm the Friday before the workshop for use on the day of the workshop.  Copyright remains with the author.
  7. Provide copies of any handouts that workshop participants may need to effectively engage in workshop activities. The VP - Programs will provide speakers with an estimated number of workshop participants by 5 PM on the Tuesday before the workshop.
  8. Agree to grant ATD Tulsa permission to use photographs taken of you during the program meeting which includes your workshop in any and all publications, including website and social media, without payment or any other consideration in perpetuity.
  9. Agree to refrain from using any portion of your workshop presentation as a platform to promote products or services, solicit funds or take political positions.
  10. ATD Tulsa makes a concerted, ongoing effort to be a diverse and inclusive organization. Therefore, you must agree to convey your remarks without bias toward race, gender, religion, political party, ethnicity or sexual orientation. You may use humor in your remarks, but do so with caution and good taste.
  11. Agree that submitting a proposal for conducting a workshop for ATD Tulsa indicates agreement to comply with the guidelines and expectations stated herein.


Proposals that follow proposal submittal instructions will be considered for selection by the ATD Tulsa VP – Programs. The proposals will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

  1. Relevance of workshop topic to ATD’s mission to “empower professionals to develop talent in the workplace”.
  2. Perceived quality and quantity of the workshop’s learning objectives to workshop participants.
  3. Quality of offeror’s performance and services to previous and existing clients.
  4. Reputation and experience of the offeror. Offerors must have appropriate level of knowledge and subject matter expertise surrounding workshop topic.

The VP of Programming (Walt Hansmann, CPTD, DTM in 2021) reserves the right to select proposals that, in her/his sole discretion, meet the ATD mission as well as the criteria set forth within this RFP.


  1. Complete the entire Workshop Proposal. Each proposal should include the completed and signed Workshop Proposal Information Sheet, Workshop Proposal Form and a color head shot photo of the presenter(s) (JPEG).
  2. Submit the entire Workshop Proposal materials as a PDF and JPEG via email to programming@tdtulsa.org and CC president@tdtulsa.org.   
  3. The Subject line of the email should read, Proposal for ATD Tulsa Workshop Program.
  4. Submitted proposals will become the property of ATD Tulsa and will not be returned. Proprietary or confidential information included in proposals must be conspicuously stated in the proposals.
  5. Prospective speakers should receive an email confirming receipt for their Workshop Proposal submission with 5 business days. If no confirming email is received, contact programming@tdtulsa.org and CC president@tdtulsa.org to confirm receipt by ATD Tulsa.
  6. Proposals will not be opened publicly. However, all prospective speakers who submit proposals will be notified if the proposal has or has not been accepted for a 2021 ATD Tulsa workshop presentation.

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